100 Questions—900 Answers: Interviews with Holocaust Survivors and Victims of Nazi Tyranny

Stolen Youth

  • Born July 18, 192
  • Grounds for persecution: Sintisa (gypsy)
  • Length of imprisonment: 2 years, 2 months
  • Country: Austria

Frieda Horvath, who lives in Upper Austria, was deported from northwest Germany as a 16-year-old in March 1943 with her parents and all eight of her brothers and sisters, and she was liberated at the end of April 1945. She was interned in Birkenau and Ravensbrück concentration camps and in Graslitz subcamp. At Graslitz, she had to perform heavy labor in a munitions factory.

Her parents and three of her brothers died in concentration camps.

After the war, she married Johann Horvath, a Roma who had also been in a concentration camp, and they had five children. For decades she was forced to move from one refugee camp to another before finally obtaining an apartment in Linz an der Donau in 1971. Cooking is her great passion, and she loves treating her large family to sumptuous meals

    Frieda Horvath, 1949

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